Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mi GreenStar - Michigan New Green Remodeling Certification Program

Today I went through the pilot training for the new Mi GreenStar Green Certification Program training. As the Vice-President of the Alliance for Environmental Sustainability (AES) we are proud to bring Minnesota GreenStar (MNGS) Green Remodeling Certification program to Michigan.  With over 120 million existing homes responsible for 21 percent of the U.S’s energy use and Americans spending 90 percent of their time indoors in often unhealthy environments, the partnership’s efforts will focus on educating occupants and remodelers on improving the five key categories of existing homes; Energy Efficiency, Indoor Environmental Quality, Water Conservation, Site & Community Impact and Resource Efficiency. This is a holistic program that views the home and lot has an interactive system.

The GreenStar Remodeling certification works for remodels of virtually all sizes and types, making certification of those projects meaningful and attainable. We are hoping to be taking a Sustainable Home Consultants remodel project through the Mi GreenStar Pilot program, please stay tuned for more information.


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  7. We are hoping to be taking a Sustainable Home Consultants remodel project through the Mi GreenStar Pilot program, please stay tuned for more information. raleigh condos for sale